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Of Labels and Assumptions (10/10) = Unedited

Pairing: Kurtbastan

Rating: M

Summary: AU. Kurt had to go away on a family vacation. When he returns back to Dalton, Blaine gets to introduce him to the new Warbler, Sebastian Smythe. Sebastian’s just the kind of boy that Kurt needs to stay away from, but there’s something that keeps him from running away.

First Chapter

- - - - -

Previous Chapter

Chapter Ten: Future

Kurt’s eyes opened to a soothing and rubbing sensation on his naked back. He looked around, remembering where he was. And then he looked up to see Sebastian’s smiling face. It was clear he had been up for a few more than ten minutes. But this was nice. Kurt was laying on top of him and in the background, Kurt could hear the morning news. Kurt rubbed his eyes and looked around. They fell asleep on Sebastian’s couch. He groaned, getting up and being careful of Sebastian beneath him as he got to his feet, stretching. 

Sebastian sat up, touching his feet to the rug as he stretched his arms up above him. “Man. Didn’t realize we fell asleep,” he said as he then got to his feet. 

Right on queue, Mrs. Smythe came walking down the stairs, messing with her earlobe and earring that must have been stubborn to be put in. She froze at the sight of the boys. “You guys fell asleep to another movie?” She scowled playfully. “What am I going to do with you?” she kissed her son goodmorning and squeezed Kurt’s shoulder with endearment. 

"Wanna go out for breakfast?" Sebastian asked as Mrs. Smythe disappeared into the kitchen.

Kurt smiled. “It’s up to you,” he told him.

Sebastian smiled and bent down, pressing his lips to Kurt’s. “Great. How’s Lima Bean sound?” he asked as he looked down at his appearence. “I gotta change first.”

Kurt laughed. “Yeah, me too.” Kurt spotted his bag at the end of the couch, grabbing it. “And Lima Bean sounds great. I’m dying for some decent coffee.”

Sebastian was about to go upstairs to his room before he stopped and turned to Kurt abruptly. “Oh! Don’t forget. Dinner tonight with Blaine and Chandler.”

That’s right, Kurt thought to himself. Recently, Blaine met a boy named Chandler. They’re so inseperable — perfect for each other. Double date, Kurt thought with a smile. “Thanks for reminding me!”

Chandler was perfect for Blaine in every way. He was about the same height of Blaine, blonde hair, loved beanie hats, had a passion for style but never really had the time to keep up with that passion, loved Broadway and plays…he was also really out-going, kind, caring, energetic, and so incredibly easy to get along with. Kurt only met him twice, but it was few times enough to judge him well. And from what Blaine has told Kurt about Chandler, he’s been right about him. 

Kurt hurried into the first floor’s bathroom and brushed his teeth, along with re-setting his hair and changing his outfit into something simple. Brown skinny jeans, blue converse shoes, a short-sleeved black button-up shirt and a nice white and blue striped cardigan. He sprayed on a little cologne on and met Sebastian at the door. Sebastian grabbed Kurt’s hand and let him out to Kurt’s Navigator — Kurt insisted he’d drive today.

First Fall after school. It felt…weird. Freedom…but of course, it came with its own challenges. Like how Kurt didn’t get into NYADA, or any other school he wanted to get into. So with many nights of crying helplessly in Sebastian’s arm, getting cheered up with amazing mind-blowing sex, and a lot of sessions where Sebastian and Kurt sat down to talk about what Kurt’s going to do, Kurt decided to wait a few years, save up extra money, and start applying to any school he could get his hands on. Sebastian, on the other hand, will be going to help his father’s business out, which meant he’d be able to make time for Kurt, go visit him wherever he’d go, and such. They pretty much had their future together planned out.

Kurt and Sebastian made it to Lima Bean. Sebastian was going on about what coffee he felt like ordering today when memories came to Kurt’s mind. He smiled and looked at a certain table. Sebastian stopped talking and looked at Kurt. 

Sebastian lightly bumped into Kurt to get his attention. “What are you smiling about?” he asked with a smirk.

Kurt turned his head to Sebastian and there were tears in his eyes. Not sad tears, but happy tears. “I…oh my gosh.” Kurt laughed at himself and wiped his tears.

"Hey, hey, what’s up?" Sebastian said as he cupped Kurt’s face with one hand and a concerned face. 

Kurt shook his head. “I was remembering the first day we met.”

Sebastian hesitated for a moment before he let go of Kurt, a big cheeky grin on his face. “Yeah?”

Kurt nodded his head. “I was so mean to you. I feel bad.” He sucked in a breath and shrugged, laughing. “Kinda.”

Sebastian laughed. “Kinda? Kurt, don’t forget I was kinda rude to you!” Sebastian and Kurt took a step forward in line. Today it was slow.

Kurt shook his head. “Yeah, but, God I was so attracted to you. I just didn’t realize it until…yeah,” he mumbled, blushing.

Sebastian laughed again. “You’re so cute.”

Kurt smiled. 

Finally it was time for them to order. They ordered simple coffees, donuts, and breakfast wraps with a cup of water on the side. They ate, talking about what they thought about each other through the long run of falling in love with each other. They found themselves sitting there at the same table they sat at the first time with their plates empty, and third runs of coffee in front of them, still deep in conversation and big, happy smiles on their face. 

The whole time, Sebastian was holding Kurt’s hand.

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